Czech Translate Service

All our translators are proficient in translating general text and each has particular individual expertise. Our coverage includes many forms of commercial, medical, legal, financial, and technical texts for all of our current core language pairs.

Our team selection process allocates the best suited translator for a particular document type and/or industry sector. This is achieved by objectively assessing performance on past projects in similar industries and/or with similar document types. Where possible, we endeavour to provide and maintain consistent client teams. If you would like to discuss team selection further, please contact us.

Belisarius offers a number of language services, described briefly in the tabs below.

  • Our Belisarius Standard service is primed for the EN 15038 certification for which we will seek accreditation during the coming 12 months. We consider that we are already compliant. The Belisarius Standard essentially comprises:
    • a translation project manager to act as your single point of contact throughout the matter.
    • a carefully selected team of expert translation professionals.
    • a translation of the source text by an established translator who is native speaker of the target language.
    • full review by a second translator at least as qualified as the first translator.
    • typographical proof-reading and further editing by an industry expert, where applicable.
    • fully documented written procedures for managing and tracking projects.
    • constructive client feedback throughout the project, and pro-active team interaction.
  • The Belisarius Draft is the product closest to that offered by most translation agencies. A Belisarius Draft represents the work of one experienced translator who is a native speaker of the target language. We also arrange for Belisarius Draft text to be independently proof-read or edited if required.

    Belisarius takes full responsibility for the correctness of Belisarius Draft as a stand-alone product. However, a text which has been subject to the higher quality procedures of the Belisarius Standard is more likely to be of consistently better quality than the Belisarius Draft because the Belisarius Standard has more checks and balances. There is also a limited opportunity to fine-tune a draft text as against the Belisarius Standard product.

    That being understood, we consider that Belisarius Draft is appropriate where cost is a factor on whether to translate the text and also when the importance of the text is not sufficient to justify the more extensive quality processes.

  • Belisarius Gist is a translation service personalised to you. This may be particularly appropriate when you know that you do not need to translate the whole of a document or you have a bundle of documents where most of them will not need to be translated.

    In such a case, a translator selected by us can prepare extracts or summaries of the source text in the target language, in written or oral form. The Belisarius Gist service can be used as a preparatory exercise for deciding whether or not to translate documents in full using another Belisarius service or, alternatively, it may be helpful in an emergency when it is impossible to obtain another form of translation in the time available, or within a particular budget. The exact use of this service will depend on exactly what you need.

    The flexibility of this service (in terms of both cost and resources) ensures that our people can deliver the maximum value to your business using every means at our disposal. We take full responsibility for the work of our translators, including those involved in Belisarius Gist. However, there is necessarily a limited reliance that can be placed on a document prepared by selection or with a limited scope of work. A Gist translation is not a substitute for a full translation and, for full peace of mind, a service such as Belisarius Standard incorporates more checks and balances.

  • Belisarius also offers the following value added services if the circumstances require:
    • Interpreting.
    • Certification of documents.
    • Fixed price translation of standard documents.
    • Project Management.
    • Technical Support.
    • Localisation.
    We are also delighted to discuss and develop other language solutions specifically for you. Please contact us if you would like further information in this respect.

Whichever service is right for you, we pride ourselves on the integrity of our translation team. We are fully responsible for every aspect of every service we provide. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your translation needs in more detail, the earlier, the better.

The pricing of our services, including an online estimation tool, is addressed here.