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The true strength of Belisarius lies in its people and processes. We are rigorous, rather than rigid, in our approach and we are methodical and meticulous in our attention to our projects.  Quality can mean many things to many people. At Belisarius our quest for quality has a major focus in the following areas:

  • Belisarius aims to integrate itself as a 'virtual' seamless extension to your business.

    The only way that we can do this is by listening to our clients; both in terms of their requirements and also any feedback or suggested improvements to our service that our clients might have. Belisarius can offer advice and guidance on the most efficient and economical ways to achieve your translation. However, no one understands your business better than you do and we pay careful attention to what you say.

    We are here to work with you and provide a hassle-free service to support you.

  • Belisarius translators must satisfy the following:

    • Native fluency in the target language.
    • A completed translations degree from a recognised university and two years' experience as a translator - or, alternatively, at least five years' experience as a translator.
    • Proven experience in an industry and with the relevant document types.
    • Successful completion of a Belisarius entry test.
  • After joining us, all our people are thoroughly evaluated using live projects in the course of their work for Belisarius.

    We test suitability for particular industries and work-types and we give evaluations of performance on every job.  These evaluations are used in future team selection, as well as to motivate and develop our people.  Our evaluations also note the personal preferences of translators in order to assess who works best together.

    Belisarius exists to bring out the best in people and let them flourish.

  • Sadly the revision process is overlooked or removed from the approach of many translation companies. As an element in maintaining rigorous quality, Belisarius will review and/or revise every standard translation against the original text by an expert native speaking translator of particular experience. There are several reasons for this high touch approach. First, for translations, two heads are significantly better than one.  Second, our work is our signature and the revision process supports consistency.  Third, we use our process to ensure that our people develop in a way which suits them and brings them forward as translators.

    A reviser at Belisarius is a senior member of the team with specific expertise in the relevant subject area and the translation industry as a whole.  The reviser is responsible for the look and feel of the final work product and must oversee each translator's work in full.  A reviser also completes a full feedback sheet for each translator on every project.

    Some specialist texts are also reviewed by recognised industry specialists - who may not necessarily be translators by profession. For example, a report in oncology may be reviewed by our local oncologist cooperating with the translator.

  • Technology can be an enabler or an inhibitor. A casual use of (or dependency on) computer-assisted translation can lead to serious errors or a misinterpretation of a client's requirements. On the other hand, it is true that translation of standarised terminology and repetitive text can be automated or, at least, accellerated by the use of the leading translation technology. Records from a client's past projects can also be re-used, wholly or partially, in the client's future projects in the right circumstances.

    It follows that the proper use of technology can result in substantial savings, which we look to pass on to our clients. Our technology ensures completeness of the delivered product.  Through our technology, we can also ensure that specific terminology requirements and numbers are accurately carried across to the final translated work as standard and we may derive other benefits from the automation process. At the same time, our language translation team of native speakers of the relevant target languages always has the last word over the technology.

    This dual approach ensures that the technological tools remain an enabler, as intended, but that the quality of the overall product is still supervised in full by an accountable person.

  • Management, co-ordination and control are critical components of any business, particularly where time and costs are sensitive issues. All standard Belisarius projects will have a dedicated project manager assigned to them. The project manager will liaise with the client throughout and ensure that the project remains on track and on budget.

    Our project managers are fully supported by the wider team and our processes and procedures ensure the right level of control is maintained at all times. Our approach gives us the chance to involve people in our work and to provide learning and insight that is not available to other organisations.  This control is further supported by our principle that Belisarius does not allow sub-contracting of its translation projects, which are all handled personally by our carefully selected team. 

  • We always seek your assessment of our projects, because in our view this defines our performance.

    In the unlikely event that concerns are identified with our product, Belisarius will conduct a management level review of how that concern arose and will modify its processes accordingly.  More commonly, positive experiences are a great motivator and good feedback will be passed on to everyone involved.

For further information on any of our quality processes, please contact us.