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Free extract of Czech Commercial Code translated into English

A substantial free extract of the current Czech Commercial Code (in English and Czech) is attached to this post.  

Please click the link on the book cover below.  To all our clients and potential clients, please accept this with the compliments of Belisarius Translations.

Czech Commercial Code - Czech Translate - Free extractBelisarius Translations has recently published a translation of this year’s wording of the Commercial Code.  This text contains the legal framework applicable to all commercial contracts concluded before the end of the year and the law applicable to the ownership and operation of all existing Czech companies.  Even under the proposed re-codification of Czech law taking effect in 2014, the regime of the Commercial Code will continue to apply to certain rights and duties of members of companies incorporated before 1 January 2014.

In our view, our recent translation represents not only a useful exercise in its own right, but also highlights the capability of the Belisarius team for all legal translations into English.  It further represents a clear description in native quality English of the terminology, phraseology and vocabulary currently used by Czech lawyers to describe the mechanisms of the Czech legal system.  As such, it is a reliable resource for any lawyer that communicates legal advice in the English language.

The Belisarius translation has been prepared by both Czech and English lawyers, as well as leading translators. While we are convinced that it is the best translation of its kind, we encourage you to assess that for yourself.  For that purpose, we attach a free extract of 10,000 words of the Belisarius translation product (approx. 70 pages), in Czech and English, side by side on the same page.  This and other resources are also available on our website.  Please click the link on the book cover to go to the file.

The full text of the Czech Commercial Code

The entire work is available globally, in particular on the following links:

  • Volume 1 (covering companies legislation and unfair competition) - Hardback and softback
  • Volume 2 (covering contract law and prescribed form contracts) - Hardback and softback
  • A single eBook volume of the English version of the Czech Commercial Code will also shortly be released.

Please contact us through our website if you are interested in receiving other free materials of this kind, or if you would like to find out more about us.  In any event, we trust that the free attachment is useful to you.  We encourage you to forward it, with or without this message, to any other person that may be interested in this.  The Belisarius legal translation team also remains at your disposal for any bespoke projects that you may have.


Czech Commercial Code into English - Howard Chapman and BelisariusHJChapman - Howard Chapman 13-05-2013, 01:07

[...] substantial free extract of the work (70 pages, 10,000 words) is available free of charge direct from Belisarius.  Details [...]


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