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Belisarius publishes translation of the Czech Commercial Code into English

Belisarius is proud to announce our first public display of the capabilities of our legal translation team –  This Friday marked the publication of the Belisarius translation of the Commercial Code of the Czech Republic into English.

The source material (The Czech Commercial Code) represents the current legal framework for the ownership and operation of Czech companies, and the regulation of contracts concluded between entrepreneurs that are subject to Czech law.  Our translation, with Czech and English side by side on the same page, represents one of few resources that can assist a Czech lawyer to communicate his advice in native quality English by direct reference to the Czech.

Plus, even with the English translated text of Czech Commercial Code alone, we believe at Belisarius that this is an essential read for all entrepreneurs operating in the Czech Republic that are not able to read the law in the native Czech language version, and particularly for owners and directors or executives of Czech companies.

The challenge of translating the Czech Commercial Code

Belisarius has also used this exercise to gather and produce extensive termbases and other electronic translation resources for all vocabulary and phraseology used throughout this 100,000 word Act of Parliament, originally passed in 1991. This represents a near-unique quality control resource for all our legal translations between Czech and English going forward, as well as a clear head-start in translation consistency and quality for other legislation than the Czech Commercial Code, i.e. contracts and legal texts having similar subject-matter in the Czech language.

Being frank, we believe that our English translation of the Czech Commercial Code is the best translation commercially available for this subject-matter. In order to see for yourself, we are distributing free of charge an extract of 60 pages from Volume I of the translation of the Czech Commercial Code, comprising many of the general rules for company registrations and unfair competition under Czech law.  We trust this is helpful in its own right and as a guide to our resources and capability.

Czech Commercial Code - Czech Translate - Free extract

Free download of extract of the Czech Commercial Code

Please feel free to download the free extract of English version of the Czech Commercial Code and to forward it to any other person that might be pleased to receive it, or to forward any comments to us.  If you would like to engage our team for any other projects, please contact us here.  We are broadening our legislation translation coverage to other countries.  If you have any requests, please let us know.  Alternatively, if you would simply like to receive what we produce as it is released, please join our mailing list here.

The Commercial Code of the Czech Republic is available worldwide from all good legal bookshops, although we recommend contacting our publisher, Infinity Publishing, directly on the following links:

  • Volume 1 (covering companies legislation and unfair competition) - Hardback and softback
  •  Volume 2 (covering contract law and prescribed form contracts) - Hardback and softback
  • A single eBook volume of the English version of the Czech Commercial Code will also shortly be released.


For Belisarius,

April 2013


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