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Useful translation resources | Czech translate

A number of resources are generally available on-line to assist translators and clients with their linguistic projects.  Some of these are paid, or form part of the deal with the translation agency or client for a specific project.  Others can only be amassed by painstaking personal work for specific clients over many many years.  That remains a crucial barrier to entry in this industry.

That said, there is an amazing amount of material, of high quality, that remains freely accessible and at no cost at all.

Belisarius’ own free translation materials

At Belisarius, we pride ourselves on our quality.  If you are looking for materials into English, particularly for legal translations, take a look around this website for many free offerings of many thousands of words.  We prepare our published work using native experts in source and target languages, as well as leading translators.  This is surely a good guide at the least and, at best, will save hours and hours of painful research.

EU Materials

For example, the entire EU termbase from its legal corpus is available here.  That includes use of terminology verified by the EU translation department for the purposes of the relevant directive, regulation, treaty, recommendation, white paper or other discussion document.

The EU has also released a huge volume of its archives in translation memory TMX format here for the parliamentary debates and here for the massive resource of the whole of the acquis communautaire.  Imagine how much specific vocabulary that contains even aside from the memory segments.

In any event, these EU resources offer to the public at large the use of translation memory assets that would take many lifetimes to accumulate personally.  In real terms, that equates to many millions of words in each language pair among the official languages of 27 Member States.  And the EU’s licensing terms are pretty reasonable too!

http://www.secola.org/statutes.htm has produced a database of various contracts used in the EU.  For more details on that, see this post (external – we have not checked the integrity of the database ourselves).


We also like the termbase of the TAUS project here, although this does not always give you an exact context.

Discussion forums

For more personalized assistance, there are generally discussion threads relating to terminology on the forums of the following websites:



The true usefulness of these sites as a resource largely depends on the persons participating in the various discussions.  As with anywhere, some translators are unselfish, highly talented, and participating on the forums to try and put something back into their business community.  Others are spending their days on these kinds of sites because they cannot find enough work to do.  But it could be better than nothing.

Free machine translation

At the time of writing, the API for Google translate was no longer free of charge for business use.

The online service for Google is still, however, free to access for general use on the main Google site.

We have written about the strengths and weaknesses of using cost as a driver here.  If cost is truly the leading driver, ahead of a human judgement on translation quality, then why not get a machine translation for free?  After all, if the price is ‘nearly free’, then there will probably be a high involvement of machine translation in any event.

Other developments

If you find other resources, please contact us and we will update this post.

Last updated – 21 April 2013

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