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The people behind our work

Translation consistency is achieved by finding the best team, sharing the same goals, supporting each other and driving for shared success.  Belisarius people make us very proud for a number of reasons.

We base our selection criteria on the EN15038 international standard process, which involves the following key elements (we are not able to reproduce the actual text of the document for copyright reasons):

  • Native level fluency in the target language.
  • A completed translations degree from a recognised university and two years’ experience as a translator – or, alternatively, at least five years’ experience as a translator.
  • Proven experience in an industry and with the relevant document types.
  • Successful completion of a Belisarius entry test.

In reality, many of our people greatly exceed these requirements but we believe that it makes sense to offer clients a variety of skills and experience levels in order to maximise cost efficiency.  For this, we regard the requirements listed above as a minimum standard and we also set stringent entry tests and give regular honest feedback to all our people in order to bring them on.

At the same time, even at the outset, we actively seek those who profess the highest degree of skill because that underlies our core beliefs.  Our people include authors, writers, technicians, qualified professionals, academics and scholars alike.

Our philosophy is based on the total client cost of ownership of a translation.  It is of limited use to produce a target text on which a client then has to expend significant resources to verify it.  Material post-editing can be very time-consuming, not to mention expensive and stressful as deadlines approach.  When contracting outside expertise, such as through a translation agency, it stands to reason that it is because expert resources are being sought and not because the production of a target text just needs to be outsourced.  To Belisarius, this is simply part of its ease of doing business philosophy.

Our people form the basis of a lasting partnership between Belisarius and its clients.

There are always ambiguities, variants and choices in any translation exercise.  Our people use all their skills and experience to ask questions and listen to our clients’ answers in order to ascertain the background necessary to make the right translation choices.  We agree with the British Institute of Translators and Interpreters in that inquisitive translators are generally good for business – because it means that they tend to arrive at the desired outcome.  Our objective is to learn and develop in the same way as would be expected of an in-house translation department.  For that reason, we openly declare our wish to be your virtual translation department for your business and we have developed flexible ways of working in order to ensure that we do act in this way.

We now have more than 80 hand-selected translators available to serve our clients.  If you would like to learn more about their specific expertise, please contact us.

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15 May 2012


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