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SDL Trados 2011 for Translation Services

Belisarius is proud to announce that it has standardised its translation business model, processes and procedures on SDL Trados 2011. This, the latest version of the world renowned Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool from SDL, represents a step-change within the Translation Services industry. Arguably the most advanced and innovative CAT tool available in the world today, SDL Trados 2011 provides translators with tools for editing, reviewing and managing translation memory, projects and terminology in one integrated desktop application. The tool incorporates many features that have been suggested by translators and translator service providers themselves.

The benefits of computer aided translation (CAT) are well-explored and the general view is that translation memory and terminology management are an important part of the translation industry’s future. Having this technology available to Belisarius means that we can operate at a higher productivity, with a more streamlined and efficient supply chain and inevitably experience some economies of scale which we can pass though to our clients. We considered adopting a number of alternative products as part of our Belisarius Standard service and we also made significant research into developing our own translation memory software given the substantial (and repeated) costs of buying external software.

Our preference at the launch stage, having considered all the various options in detail, is to invest in SDL Trados 2011 due to its thought leadership and vision which is, by an order of magnitude, better than anything else available on the market at reasonable cost.

We continue to build resources to bring value to our clients’ businesses from launch. If you would like to discuss with us how translation memory or terminology management would benefit your business, we would be delighted to do so. Please contact us.

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