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Contributing value

The Belisarius work product, as described on the Czech Translate web site, gives optimal quality without the need for significant post-editing. How do we achieve this consistently? The answer is simple.  We use a much larger team on our Standard product than most agencies and we ensure that all our people are paid in line with their skills and not (as is usually the case in many agencies in Central Europe) as little as we can get away with.  This means that our team works to its strengths, they support each other and they can take the time to get it right. Having more people in the team equates to an exponentially lower risk of mistakes slipping through the net. We take the same meticulous attitude as our clients’ teams take when they prepare their source text.  Nothing less than the highest standard of care is acceptable.

Our Standard team is comprised of a first expert translator to make a draft translation, a second expert translator to review and polish the draft because two heads are better than one, a third translator acting as typographical proof–reader to ensure that no small mistakes creep through, automation tools to ensure that no texts segments are accidentally left out, and a skilled project manager who communicates, where possible, in the native language of the team and in the preferred communication language of the client to ensure that the team functions with the highest effectiveness.

For other services such as Draft and Gist, our clients can already rely on the fact that we have a great team which is comfortable working with Belisarius and it knows and understands its clients’ interests. Budgetary or time constraints need not mean that our clients should go elsewhere for their needs. Rather, if a client prefers to use a more typical translation agency product – which by definition does not have the Belisarius Standard quality checks – clearly our team can work to that as well. All people need do is ask.

Whatever the budget or the requirements, we incentivise and motivate our team and in return they deliver.

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