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Recent Articles

Free extract of Czech Commercial Code translated into English

A substantial free extract of the current Czech Commercial Code (in English and Czech) is attached to this post.  

Please click the link on the book cover below.  To all our clients and potential clients, please accept this with the compliments of Belisarius Translations.

Building the cheapest translation in the market

It is not true that quality needs to be sacrificed to get good value in a translation.  What it actually takes is a minor change of approach.

Contributing value

The Belisarius work product, as described on the Czech Translate web site, gives optimal quality without the need for significant post-editing. How do we achieve this consistently?

Being accountable for our translation work

For a translation agency that wishes to maintain and develop a worldwide capability from Prague, Czech Republic, it is not simply enough to translate source texts to target texts in a timely manner and to budget. Provable commitment to high quality, service management, consistency and, above all, accountability are the extra critical factors to meeting our clients needs.

The people behind our work

Translation consistency is achieved by finding the best team, sharing the same goals, supporting each other and driving for shared success.  Belisarius people make us very proud for a number of reasons.

Czech translate

Belisarius Translations, as described on this Czech Translate website, is an international translation agency based in Prague. We translate from into and between up to 17 European languages depending on technical requirements. Above all, we are here to provide a useful and attentive service for your business.